Monday, May 20, 2013

It’s Possible: Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap Part Two

5am and my alarm went off. I knew what today was. I have been nervous about this half marathon, despite training more efficiently (increasing milage per week), the nasty cold I got last week, screwed me up. I still had a horrible cough and was really nervous that I wouldn’t be able to even finish. I went into the race with the plan being to finish, and less than 2:40. I met up with Kenny, an old student of my fathers. It was great having someone to go over to the race with. 

Once we got to the race we went our separate ways. We were there early, but not as early as I was for the NYC half. Also it helped that I wasn’t freezing cold. I hung around my corral and listened to some music to calm my nerves. The humidity wasn’t too great. Not as bad as Disney, but I could tell it was going to be a hot race. 

The first wave was off. I didn’t cross the start line until much later then I expected (I believe 50 minutes had gone by, since the first person crossed the start line). The first 2 mile, was a quick run and turn around loop, and we hit an up hill in the first mile. I was getting pretty hot and thought we were going to be in for a long race. The start didn’t feel too great, but I just kept telling myself to keep going. AND TAKE IT SLOW. And I did.Prospect park, was really beautiful. We hit a pretty small hill but nothing bad at ALL. I enjoyed Prospect park but have to admit I enjoyed running in Central Park a little more. Both are obviously great places to run through, but Central Park was a little more entertaining for me.

Once we exited the park, I kept telling myself that once I get to mile 8, we will be on our way to Cooney Island. We hit a stretch of highway starting with a steep downhill. This race felt really flat. Maybe my last 12 mile with tons of hills prepared me really well. Along the high way had parts of Brooklyn on each side I actually enjoyed just going straight. It was great seeing each Avenue we passed. Having my Nathan hand held water bottle helped avoid the water stations in the beginning, but at this point (I want to say around mile 7 I started stopping and filling my water bottle up). It was nice to be able to sip my water throughout the mile as opposed to chugging at each station. I avoided Gatorade since I have had some wacky experiences with it, I seem to lose energy when I drink it. 

At mile 8, I was surprised how much energy I had left especially in my legs (despite some knee pain). I also hadn’t coughed at all during the run. I was feeling pretty great! I decided to still take it slow. During this time at other races I was dead and feeling horrible. Not the case here.Up until mile 10 I was trying to avoid the clocks at each mile. When I looked up at mile 10 I was happily surprised with my time. At this point, I realized this could be a PR. How exciting. I decided to sprint the last 5K. I knew I had the energy. At this point “I’m On a Roll” came on my iPod, how appropriate, my go to running song. I also made a deal with myself, “if I PR I would go see Cinderella again”, well off I went to conqure the last 3 miles of the race!

I was getting a little tired when I hit the final mile, but I knew I wanted this PR. At around mile 12, I was in the middle of some fun pop song (can’t remember the exact one) when my iPod shut off completely, I freaked out! Had it died. I had put it on airplane mode since from past experiences it seems to get very very very low in battery after half marathons. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere “It’s Possible” (from Cinderella) started playing. Ok! It was a sign, time to hurry up and get a PR and go see Cinderella. We finally hit the last 1/2 mile and then the last 1/4 mile. I thought I was in the clear and started sprinting when I noticed we still had to run up a mini mini ramp (I am blanking on the word right now). WTF?! Then we were on the boardwalk, there it was the finish line. I was so close, my legs were killing from sprinting before, but I just kept pushing them. Then I crossed the finish line! I looked at my iPhone/Ipod 2:30 (something) PR!!!!!!!!!!!!! What! Wait now I need to figure out how to see Cinderella. Even though it was a very small PR, I was so excited since I was going into this race not even expecting to finish. I also noticed that my iPhone was really charged which I was pretty excited about. I got my medal and grabbed some snacks and water. WOWZA! I was in shock. I tried to call my dad, but again he missed the end. UGH! I guess I was spoiled when I had Tamar to greet me at the NYC half finish line. 

Anyways, I stayed around and waited for him, but I gave up and hopped on the subway. HOLY MOLY! It took forever to get back home, then I got lost. I didn’t get home until 1pm. Let me remind you I finished at 10:30am. Ugh. Once I got back home my dad came over and caught up with Amanda. My dad and I were choosing which play or musical to see that night or Sunday afternoon and Amanda was helping us since she is a producer. I told them about how I made a deal about seeing Cinderella if I PR’d and then how in the last mile my iPhone stopped mysteriously and “It’s Possible” came on. My dad and I decided the only fair way to choose was to write up the names of the plays and musicals and put them in a hat. He even let me put in Cinderella. Although he wrote out the cards, and I was pretty sure he didn’t put Cinderella in there. Then little baby O and Amanda picked a name out of the hat. Well, IT WAS CINDERELLA!!!! OK, I was going. My dad didn’t want to go again so I decided to go alone and he went to dinner with a friend. I bought myself a ticket and then napped the rest of the day. I decided to make it like a date night with myself. I deserved it. I had a great seat in the theater and even bought a “Glass Slipper” which had Vodka, Blue Curaçao, Club Soda and Sierra Mist. I really hadn’t had much to eat after the half marathon, only a sandwich at lunch and a large pretzel for dinner. I can tell you, that drink is strong on a semi empty stomach, makes the musical even more magical. Cinderella was just as magical, if not even better. I enjoyed treating myself to it! 

Overall, I am very proud of this Half Marathon. I took it slow in the beginning and it paid off major time with a negative splits at the end. Also wasn’t completely dead at the end (if it hadn’t been for that sprint in the last quarter mile). Which I think is a sign that a marathon is in my near future! 

Unofficial time: 13.3 miles- 2:30:27
Official time: 13.1 miles- 2:30:27--- PR

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